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The Fellowship provides a fixed COE Allowance to the grfp Institution, not to the Fellow. To request Medical Deferrals, Fellows should first contact their CO and secure an institutionally approved medical or family leave based on the grfp Institution's graduate student leave policies. In cases of an NSF-approved Medical Deferral, active enrollment is not required; however, the grfp Institution must agree to keep the Fellow on their Grants Roster. By retaining the Fellow on their Grants Roster, the grfp institution approves the specific arrangement of non-enrollment status. The most common causes of Fellowship Termination are failure to comply with the Fellowship Terms and Conditions and failure to meet deadlines. The amount is 30,000 for the Fellowship Year. Academic advisors may be the department/program director of graduate studies or similar, appropriate departmental/program administrator. The three months may be broken up into shorter, monthly time frames across multiple Tenure Years (e.g., use of two months of Stipend under Medical Deferral in Tenure Year 1 and one month in Tenure Year 3).

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While on deferral, a Fellow's clock stops,.e., the remaining time available for Tenure or Reserve periods is not affected. What are the most common causes of Fellowship Termination? You must decline the grfp Fellowship Offer or terminate your current Federal Fellowship prior to accepting the grfp Fellowship. Retroactive changes are not permitted after the May 1 deadline. A Change Request is submitted by the Fellow and is approved by the COs at the current and at the new grfp Institution, and by NSF. Failure to renew a Medical Deferral Status may result in Termination of the Fellowship. Fellow and Institution Eligibility I am not a US citizen, national or permanent resident alien and was offered a Fellowship. Starting with the 2011 Fellows forward, grfp Fellowships cannot be concurrently accepted or combined with another US Government Federal Fellowship, irrespective of the Fellow's Status. The three months may be broken up into shorter, monthly time frames across multiple Tenure Years. Under what circumstances are Stipend payments withheld? Service Expectations What does NSF expect of me in terms of service? The grfp Institution must agree to keep the Fellow on their Grants Roster. Under Section 178(a) of Title 38, US Code, educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs may be received concurrently with Fellowship Support.

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Recognized by regulatory agencies at the local, state, federal and international level, the NSF certification mark means that the product complies with all standard requirements. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide. The Deferral Request is approved by the CO and forwarded to NSF for final review and approval. Specific questions regarding the taxation of Fellowship funding and personal tax liability should be referred to the IRS. We certify millions of products. The unused, deferred months are available for use at a later date, and current Fellowship Terms apply. Tenure includes periods of full-time research and/or coursework, as well as any normal, short vacation periods. Latest News, the Newsroom, looking for certified products systems? There are to be no delays in the start of your graduate program, beyond documented and NSF-approved Military and Medical deferrals. NSF requires no formal service of Fellows, beyond the expectation that Fellows meet Fellowship requirements and are actively engaged in their graduate programs, research, and broader impact activities throughout the Fellowship at the grfp Institution, irrespective of their Tenure Status. May my health insurance be charged to the COE allowance? Enrollment breaks between graduate programs or grfp Institutions exceeding three or more months are generally not approved, and if approved, may require forfeiture of Stipend payments. Military Deferral Status What is Military Deferral Status? I am a first-year graduate student and have not joined a research group or started a research project; what do I report on my Activities Report? Using the grfp FastLane Module, Fellows must formally submit a Request for a Medical Deferral.

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