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Creating A "Clear Filter" Button You may want to add a feature to clear your filter on your search data.  I use a nice clean textbox to hold the search text and flat-styled, rounded rectangle shape for the button. I can guarantee 9 times out of 10, one of my strategies will get you the answer(s) you are needing faster than it will take me to get back to you with a possible solution. Get the most out of Google with the latest additions to Search. I've also created functionality to recieve the shortened URL using json or XML.  Join the thousands of subscribers and start learning how you can become a guru for your company! The most recent things from people you follow will appear here. Most of the time the navigation menu consists of some imagery with a corresponding mouseover image.

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Chances are this post did not give you the exact answer you were looking for. The xhtml Just some simple. By, david Walsh, november 8, 2010.  But luckily you can create a search box on your own.  You can use the alignment tools to make everything look professional with even spacing. I've showed you how to create short URLs with TinyURL and, so why not show you how to create URLs remotely? Creating Your Search Box User Interface. It's unfortunate that Excel doesn't have a form control search box (maybe in the future?) as I could see that type of tool opening the doors to a ton of creative and time saving functionalities.

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 If you want your search box to only filter on exactly what the user types, just remove the asterisks from the VBA code.  To insert the Option Buttons you will need. By integrating Option Buttons with your search box you can have your users specify which column they want to search. Text 'Control Form 'mySearch 'ActiveX Control 'mySearch lue 'Cell Input 'Loop Through Option Buttons For Each myButton In ActiveSheet.

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