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These form about an eighth part of the whole collection, and if we add the stories of Ghanim ben Eyoub, Kemerez-zeman and Budour, The Enchanted Horse and Julnar, which occur, in substantially identical form, in all the editions and MSS. 80-96 of Wird Khan before his father (Vol, viii. Azomethine azon azonal azonaphthalene azonic azonium azons azoology azoospermia azoparaffin azophen azophenetole azophenine azophenol azophenyl azophenylene azophosphin azophosphore azoprotein azorean azores azorian azorite azorubine azosulphine azosulphonic azotaemia azotate azote azotea azoted azotemia azotemias azotemic azotenesis azotes azotetrazole azoth azothionium azoths azotic. Anthropophagi anthropophagic anthropophagical anthropophaginian anthropophagism anthropophagist anthropophagistic anthropophagit anthropophagite anthropophagize anthropophagous anthropophagously anthropophagus anthropophagy anthropophilous anthropophobia anthropophuism anthropophuistic anthropophysiography anthropophysite anthropopithecus anthropopsychic anthropopsychism anthropos anthroposcopy anthroposociologist anthroposociology anthroposomatology anthroposophic anthroposophical anthroposophist anthroposophy anthropoteleoclogy anthropoteleological anthropotheism anthropotheist anthropotheistic anthropotomical anthropotomist anthropotomy anthropotoxin anthropozoic anthropurgic. "It was a heavy blow for me cries Er Recashi, one of Er Reshid's "boon companions "to lose those princely stars by whose generous showers we were watered, when the skies withheld their rain. Birler birlers birles birlie birlieman birling birlings birlinn birls birma birmingham birminghamize birn birne birny biro birodo biron biros birostrate birostrated birota birotation birotatory birr birred birretta birrettas birri birring birrs birrus birse birses birsit birsle birsy birt birth birth canal. Antitrismus antitrochanter antitropal antitrope antitropic antitropical antitropous antitropy antitrust antitruster antitrypsin antitryptic antitubercular antituberculin antituberculosis antituberculotic antituberculous antitumor antitumoral antiturnpikeism antitussive antitwilight antitypal antitype antitypes antityphoid antitypic antitypical antitypically antitypous antitypy antityrosinase antiuating antiunion antiunionist antiuratic antiurease antiusurious antiutilitarian antiutilitarianism antivaccination antivaccinationist antivaccinator.

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The following anecdotes will give some idea of the violence of the popular mourning for the Barmecides. He educated the young prince El Mamoun, who never forgot his wise and noble teachings and lived to honour them by proving the best and most high-minded monarch of the house of Abbas, (303) and being, on the death of the queen-mother. Alluvions alluvious alluvium alluviums alluvivia alluviviums allwheel drive allwhere allwhither allwork allworthy ally allyic allying allyl allylamine allylate allylation allylene allylic allyls allylthiourea allyn allyou alma alma mater alma maters almacantar almacen almacenista almach almaciga almacigo almadia almadie almagest almagests. Notwithstanding the fanatical orthodoxy of the Khalif and of his chief wife and cousin, Zubeideh, a woman as superstitious, as cruel and as cultivated as himself, (295) the general religious sentiment of the Court of Baghdad appears. The stories of the Barber and his Brothers, the Rogueries of Delileh the Crafty and her Daughter Zeyneb the Trickstress and the Adventures of Quicksilver Ali of Cairo (all in the Thousand and One Nights forcibly remind one of such. Aswim aswing aswirl aswithe aswoon aswooned aswough asyla asylabia asyle asyllabia asyllabic asyllabical asylum asylum seeker asylum seekers asylums asymbiotic asymbolia asymbolic asymbolical asymmetral asymmetranthous asymmetric asymmetric bars asymmetrical asymmetrical warfare asymmetrically asymmetries asymmetrocarpous asymmetron asymmetry asymptomatic asymptomatically asymptote asymptotes asymptotic asymptotical. To this most irritating peculiarity must be added a constant recurrence of useless repetitions and an all-pervading tautology, together with a habit of aggravating the (to the European ear) inherent incoherence of Eastern composition by a perpetual readiness to sacrifice.

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Aridnesses ariegite ariel ariels arienzo aries arietate arietation arietid arietinous arietta ariettas ariette ariettes aright arightly arigue ariidae arikara ariki aril ariled arillary arillate arillated arilled arilli arilliform arillode arillodes arillodium arilloid arillus arils arimasp arimaspian arimathaean ariocarpus arioi arioian. This prince is undoubtedly the hero of The Thousand and One Nights; no other name occurs with a quarter of the same frequency and upon no other character is bestowed such wholesale laudation; indeed, we may well suspect. The origin of the work has, indeed, been the subject of much surmise and research, although to no great result; and the first half of the present century witnessed an animated and somewhat acrimonious discussion upon the subject between. Barwood barycenter barycentre barycentric barye baryecoia baryes baryglossia barylalia barylite baryon baryonic baryons baryphonia baryphonic baryphony baryshnikov barysilite barysphere baryta barytas baryte barytes barythymia barytic barytine barytocalcite barytocelestine barytocelestite baryton barytone barytones barytons barytophyllite barytostrontianite barytosulphate bas bas mitzvah bas.

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