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View Featured LE Products, individual, sIG sauer is proud to offer discounts to individual officers of US and Canadian Law Enforcement First Responders on a wide range of our most popular duty-style pistols and rifles. Online store, easily check pricing and availability, phone / Fax. Phone our friendly and multilingual customer care team to find out how to place an order. Law Enforcement, trusted by state and local law enforcement agencies from coast to coast. Find an authorized SIG sauer dealer or store in your area. Our industry-leading US Defense team is responsible for sustaining fielded products, responding to customer requirements and developing future technologies in support of the needs of the federal government, specifically the US military. Sign up today to learn how to buy bitcoin. You can buy, treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (tips) directly from the.S. Request Honeywell Supplier Information, uSA Tax Exemption Certificates, if you are a US customer and you do not pay sales tax, please complete this form and return it with a copy of your tax exemption certificate. For more information, consult a bank, broker, or dealer. Military Products, built for combat, trusted by all. Find information on how to contact our Customer Service department. To search for a participating Individual Officer Purchase Dealer please enter your search criteria. To buy, tIPS directly from us, you must have an account in TreasuryDirect.

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Depending on what yield is determined at the auction, you may or may not receive the tips you want, and if you receive it, you may receive it in less than the amount you want. US / Canada, dealer Locator, find an authorized SIG sauer dealer near you. Tips: Rates and Terms. Payments and Receipts in TreasuryDirect. Order products online, via phone / fax, and email. Banks, brokers, and dealers offer two types of bidding for tips: Competitive, you specify the yield you will accept. Sign up here 2, connect Your Bank Account. Agency, sIG sauer is available to outfit your agency directly, or through a participating SIG sauer Law Enforcement Dealer, with our latest firearms systems. Featured, products by Usage, military, law Enforcement. Search for authorized agency and individual sales contacts near you. The proven reliability and superior performance of SIG sauer weapon systems are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the worlds most elite special operations units. Download owners manuals for your SIG sauer pistols and rifles. For this reason, SIG sauer is the international leader in superior arms and training. Once the verification steps are complete, you can start a purchase.

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submit a Bid in TreasuryDirect, the bid submission process in TreasuryDirect is completely online. For a full discussion of the price of a security, see. The price that you pay for a tips can include either a premium or a discount, and accrued interest. Back To Top, across the globe, SIG sauer manufactures the highest quality arms for state and local law enforcement and commercial clients. by bidding for a tips in TreasuryDirect, you: Agree to accept whatever yield is determined at auction. (Sells work the same way but in reverse). From December 13, 2016, Fluka, Riedel-de Han, Chromasolv, Hydranal, and Traceselect products and brands will only be available through Honeywell or a Honeywell authorized distributor. Add A Bank Account 3, buy and Sell Bitcoin, after starting your first purchase, we'll complete your buy and deliver your bitcoin. Buy, bitcoin, the Easiest On-Ramp To The Bitcoin World. Note: The current auction schedule doesn't allow for the reinvestment of tips. Noncompetitive, you agree to accept whatever yield is determined at auction. The price of bitcoin changes over time, so we'll show you the current exchange rate before you buy. After you sign up, connect your bank account.

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