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It concludes by saying that it will be essential to reduce the number of drug users who are incarcerated. This has changed somewhat in Vancouver, due to an increase in territorial battles and in Quebec, with deaths involving bombing by biker gangs. At m, your health is our top priority.

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Prince Edward Island has the lowest rate. The committee considered alternative policy approaches, and Members visited the Merseyside area where they were impressed with the success of the prescribing approach used there. Another criticism is that the scheduling of the drugs do not rationalize the relationship between the harms posed by drugs and the punishments. Drug Use and Correctional Service: The increasing numbers of drug users imprisoned over the last twenty years means that prisons are the single largest response to the drug problem in many countries. It emphasizes that the adoption of a harm-reduction approach does not mean condoning drug use but rather discourages unsafe injecting behaviour. The levels of penalties exacted by this law are in conflict with Canadas own legal protections of civil liberties, as well as of the international legal protections of human rights. The recent discovery that the body makes its own version of THC to regulate pain and nausea has encouraged research on its therapeutic effects. Cannabis: The Conventions treat cannabis as a narcotic, which it is not. In November, 1998, seven US states voted on access to medical marijuana and six supported access. If there are any delays while the order is in transit to you and the shipping time exceeds 28 days, please contact us by chat or give us a call to discuss further options. The suicide rate for Saskatchewan Native children was.5 times that of other Canadian children and Native youth are two to six times greater risk for every alcohol-related problem than their counterparts in the rest of the population. A comprehensive harm reduction approach to aids and drug use should be in place immediately to keep rates of HIV infection from increasing if we are to keep the level of infection low in the general population. Drug Use in Canada. Frankfurt offers a fine example of a comprehensive harm reduction approach to the problems of a large city. Illicit drug use contributes to crime and law enforcement costs in a number of ways including enforcement of drug laws per se, and use is implicated in property crime and crimes of violence such as those committed over drug territory.

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Costs of Substance Use. While diversion of cannabis offenders to treatment or community services should be available, diversion will not reduce the load on courts and would not affect the consequences of having a criminal record. As an increasing number of countries around the world desert the war on drugs in recognition of the harms generated by these policies, Canada has instituted a new, thoroughly prohibitionist drug law. However, methadone and needle exchanges would not be made available in prisons. One example is the prescribing of methadone to drug users. HIV/aids and Hepatitis Seroprevalence: There is now evidence of the rapid spread of hepatitis B and C in prisons, pathogens found in persons with HIV and are passed through blood or semen, or both. These trials have the support of the majority of the countrys police chiefs. Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (1961) and the, convention on Psychotropic Substances (1971) reinforced the artificial division between legal and illegal drugs. Drug Use and Human Rights Most international treaties and conventions, like national drug laws, have not been examined with respect to their compliance with human rights agreements. November, 1998 * The author wishes to extend her sincere thanks to Diane McKenzie for her assistance with this project.

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